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Dorset, West Country and the Jurassic Coast – Beautiful!

Keep your Camera with you

Wildlife and nature photography. I love seeing the pictures that people are able to capture.

Being in the right place at the right time can be a matter of luck! But be prepared and make sure you have that camera with you. THAT way you make sure luck is on your side!

At the time of writing this (December 2011), there are two program series’ on BBC TV – Springwatch and Autumnwatch.

The team are ask to be sent photographs from the public, and they have some beautiful work in there. Hopefully these links are still available when you read this! I will keep an eye on it…

Keep up to date with these programs each year if this topic is of interest – the recent 2013 Springwatch was a classic!

Click here and have a look at the article written by Christine Hall titled: Wildlife photography for beginners. The great photo of the robin above is also by Christine…

HOWEVER – please note that the web links may change and the content linked to here could well be different now – the BBC and other stations are constantly changing – that’s a great thing but CAN lead to some different information. My apologies for that, but do click them as the content is always interesting!

From there the Flikr Album for Autumnwatch is just a click away – right here.

Take time to watch programs like this just to see what other people can make happen for themselves. Then just go out and “have a go”

Watch out for ANY photo related programs and just absorb the content. It can be very inspirational!

So – keep your camera with you – at all times!

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keep your camera with you

keep your camera with you


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