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How NOT to Choose Your Wedding Photographer –

How NOT to Choose Your Wedding Photographer by freelance writer and photographer,

Published on The Huffington Post – a great little article about Weddings!

You may already have seen my article earlier on this site about a disaster I had – luckily the only one, but still in my memory banks! well Kara Wahlgren has a great set of points to consider when choosing a wedding photographer!

The article introduction – and the points!

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve probably heard this spiel one or twenty times already: After the cake is cut, the flowers are wilted and the last favor has been stuffed into your Aunt Betty’s purse, only your photos remain.

So, needless to say, finding the right photographer is pretty important. It’s also pretty overwhelming. Photography website estimates there are 100,000 wedding photographers in the U.S. alone — and you’re expected to find the one who will capture your wedding exactly the way you envision it. And you thought finding a husband was hard!?

Unfortunately, some of the most common “selling points” for wedding photographers can actually be red flags in disguise. Here are a few factors that shouldn’t influence your choice — and how to make sure you’ve picked a winner.

  1. “This studio shoots 300 weddings a year!”
  2. “She’s running an insane sale!”
  3. “The venue recommended him!”
  4. “He’s family!”
  5. “Her portfolio is ahh-maaa-zing!”

I could post the comments to all these points, but go on over to the Huffington Post and take a look! The reasons are VERY valid!

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How NOT to Choose Your Wedding Photographer


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