Once in a while we need to get a taste for the sea. We have various places we know and love, but the one that always tops the list is Lyme Regis!

I have NO idea what it is but when we’re there all “pressures” and any stress that may have built iup over the weeks seems to lift in a big “Whooosa” moment!

When there it’s always great to take a camera and just take in the vews from the Cobb and out on the beaches. The recent time that I went down on my own was as drummer for the Mojo Stone Cold Players band. We played in the Power Boat club and had a great night. We have also played in a variety of other pubs in the town – The Nags Head being the favourite! That’s in the past now as I have left and am taking a bit of time off the drum stool…..to enjoy the time out with my lady.

So – back to Lyme and photos….What IS it about the area that allows us to just chill? NO idea but we LOVE it!

The last weekend (7th September 2013) we arrived at about 1045, having taken an indirect route because of traffic. The roads were STILL full despite the schools having gone back! Anyway – turning north as we drove into Bridport and up to a minor road, turning left (or west) and through the beautiful countryside. We just don’t realise how lovely our area is. I think I would also defy anyone to not find SOME place of beauty that is not too far from their doors. Might be worth a try, if you don’t think there is anywhere like that.


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