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Photographs for sale

All photographs allocated for sale are set up as 300dpi and print ready. NO responsibility can be taken for poor reproduction with personal printer use and use of external print companies. To ensure quality, some prints for sale have been printed by my preferred print company – Advantage Print from Dorchester, Dorset.

Copyright for ALL photographs by Mike Finding

The Copyright belongs to Mike Finding at all times
These photographs may be printed and used for personal use only or as a gift to family or friend.

They cannot be sold forward.

This notice cannot for obvious reasons be enforced, but your honesty is appreciated.

Photographs on the website

Even with ANY legal restrictions for copyright, people will “lift” images – because they can. With most images shown on the web pages in this site you may find watermarkings of various kinds, usually saying © Copyright Mike Finding 2012 or what ever date is applicable (the © mark may or may NOT be present).

If using images from this site, please be good enough to give credit to the photographer. You should find that any images or copy content used, from other sources, on this site that credit is given to the “author”.

The images on this site are able to be “lifted” and as such I do not particularly object! As with ANY thing out on the net people will lift items for their own use. Bear in mind that whatever thoughts you may have – copyright is mandatory to the photographer unless it is sold or licensed. Contravention of copyright – be it with text content or images is theft.

Printing of website images will NOT usually produce images of full quality as they are “Saved for the Web” or optimised in other ways to have low print quality while remaining as good as possible to view on the computer screen. Generally the copyright marks are left in place for all website images.

External Suppliers

I have added and will be adding various links to suppliers and information sites as time goes by. This is done with the best intention and the hope that you will find something that may be right and useful to you. While we will all know some of the included websites and how they work, there could WELL be times that a product does not suit you. Please refer to any suppliers you have used as I cannot be responsible for the goods being totally suitable for you. I hope you see that.

Affiliate Links

Any links to other information or suppliers may well be affiliate links where I may receive a payment from the provider. This is not necessarily true for ALL such links. My aim is to give links and information to affiliate suppliers I HAVE used and found to be satisfactory as a minimum requirement – in most cases the links will be to suppliers or information I have used and found to be excellent!

You can therefore see the point of putting this notice in here! IF you have cause for concern, I would be happy to hear about it to make sure the links can be checked and removed if necessary.

ANY claims for financial / material gain by affiliate suppliers are not guaranteed to be right for ALL who use any affiliate links provided here. The links are provided in good faith. I do NOT guarantee financial / material gain for anyone. Please do be aware of this.

Web Links in General As you are probably already well aware, the Internet and World Wide Web are continually “moving about” and changing. With that in mind it is only right to say that links I add to ANY of my posts, pages and ads MAY well disappear or change without notice!

I add links which at the time of adding are meant to be relevant and helpful. IF they have changed and are either totally unsuitable or even non-existent – please do let me know in case I have not “caught up”!! 😉

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