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Mike Finding Photography

Dorset, West Country and the Jurassic Coast – Beautiful!

Photography is fun!

(I have reposted this because an update on the WordPress system seemed to make ye olde version behave strangely!)

Ok there are some things you need to get under your belt to be able to have a go, but essentially there is NO reason not to have some fun when out and about with a camera!

What do YOU want to achieve using a camera of whatever type you use?

  • Do you just want a record of family events?
  • Do you need to make a photo record of things that happen at work?
  • Do you use a mobile and post dubious images of friends up on Facebook?
  • Or do you just want to do the best you can and make great pictures that you and people you know love. Who knows – you may find a wider audience than just family!

I went out today with my lady for a walk and she took one of my cameras and we both went with the intention of seeing what we could find of interest. My lady has hardly used a camera for a long time.

THEN as we arrived at Puddletown Forest the sun decided he didn’t actually like us – so hid behind the clouds!

Clouding up over Puddletown Forest phot

Ah well – such is life – anyway we had some fun just trying to find some great colours despite the overcast afternoon in the woods..

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fungi - photo


Ivy clinging to a tree in Puddletown Forest, Dorset - photo

Keep that camera with you at all times – you never know when something might just show itself to you when you least expect it!

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