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Mike Finding Photography

Dorset, West Country and the Jurassic Coast – Beautiful!

Eggardon Hill – Across The Dorset Countryside

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Eggardon Hill and the Dorset Countryside – What a lovely area we are so lucky to live in…and 5 minutes from home there is this kind of scenery! Can’t be bad. I wonder what it was like back in the storms of winter 2013 / 14

Some would say the light at the middle of the afternoon time of day is NOT the best to take a photograph up in this sort of area, but when the mood takes or the time allows – sod it – why not!

We were walking over the Eggardon Hill fort and the most beautiful thing happened….We both heard the song of the skylark really singing hard!Years ago we would hear these beauties a lot in the countryside. They struggle now due most likely to farming practices it would seem. Up here on the undisturbed fort there was a beautiful moment when the skylark landed about ten yards away from us.

Hilly walked on ahead while I stopped to take a photo. The skylark hopped out right in front of her!! The bird jumped up and flew a few yards, landed and popped about again….before flying off….. A beautiful moment.

After the walk we decided to take the “rural” route home and drove down the narrow lanes north of Eggardon and on down towards Bridport thro’ Powerstock, West Milton and on into Bradpole…..

A beautiful leisurely drive – not a place to hurry anyway as most of the road is a one lane affair…. From Bradpole on to Bridport, a stop at West Bay and home….

A superb few hours….




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