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Dorset, West Country and the Jurassic Coast – Beautiful!

Photographic Inspiration with Alphabet Photography examples

YEARS ago I walked into a camera shop in Dorchester, Dorset – my home town…..nothing strange about that you’ll say.

Well, true, but the poor guy in the shop was not expecting a chap to walk in that had just spent the early morning milking cows and therefore was also smelling like the cows he’d milked!

Yes – that was ME. I was the one who had been milking cows…therefore good and niffy!! I just wanted a roll of film or something equally “normal”… The guy in the shop – that was David Matthews and we’ve been really good friends ever since although I didn’t think that my entry into the shop like that would necessitate him emigrating to Canada!

That’s all history and now David and I have really different lives and he continues his photographic work in a very “different” way!

David travels Canada to shows and displays his work with the help of his lady, Mary Jo, and they receive huge testimonials.

A to Z Illusions - Alphabet Photography

A to Z Illusions – Alphabet Photography


Try this testimonial for size!

“This man has truly one of a kind gift. I have never seen anything like it. My first time seeing him was at a craft show in Winnipeg and when I walked by his booth, it stopped me in my tracks. I was with my Mother and I looked over at her and saw a smile on her that I haven’t seen in such a long time. We both fell in love with David’s work and now he is going to be a part of not only my household but many others in my family…not to mention my friends as well. Bravo David for your talent and I’am looking forward to doing more business with you in the up coming years. You will be a part of me now forever.

Maureen S”


Maureen S – I agree! I am also very lucky to be able to manage and promote the UK end of David’s wonderful work!

This guy has helped me so much to get to grips with photography and I just wanted to introduce him to you! More about his life right here – as you will see he doesn’t JUST take photographs!

The photo below was taken after a request to a flying display team!

A to Z Illusions - Heart in the sky photograph

A to Z Illusions – Heart in the sky photograph

Introducing: Mr David Matthews!

David’s website: A to Z Illusions

David’s Blog: David the Letterman!

David Matthews A to Z Illusions

David Matthews from A to Z Illusions

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