Photography and You

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If you have been given or recently bought a new Camera – you might just find this ebook helpful – especially if it is your first digital camera!

If you have use a mobile phone as your camera gear and are now moving forward I think there are a number of topics that you will find this ebook addresses to help you get going quicker!

Most people have a creative leaning, possibly without realising it! Some could be musicians, some could be artists and some could be writers….you name it anything is possible.

An art form by the name of photography has been around for years, although it’s certainly not the oldest art form.

In the 1800s the first steps into capturing an image were taken. Progress since then, especially since the digital boom, has been impressive! It also shows how quickly technology has advanced!

Starting up in digital photography has certain advantages over the “old” film photography. One of the biggest advantages is no waiting for several days for a film to be expensively processed, the easier viewing of a picture straight away on the back of a camera!

Photography and You is an e-report that just adds – I hope – to the information connected to photography that you may not already know. 

There are three extra e-books that are a free download linked out in Photography and You!

Photography and You – a short inexpensive ebook that is set up to try to help those who use mobile phones and tablets; those who may be just wondering what this digital photography “thing” is all about.

IN reality I suspect most people are very well aware that digital photography is all about – see the number of people pointing a phone or similar at a beautiful scene, at an event of some kind in the streets – you see the ubiquitous mobile everywhere and they don’t actually take a bad image when used properly! The digital “power” they have is quite astonishing – and getting better all the time.

My ebook is really designed to explain some of the possible questions you or someone you know has about moving up in the realm of photography:

  • What camera to choose,
  • What to look out for
  • How to use a digital camera…..
  • and much more….


So – the Photography and You ebook is out there, and I would like to think it would be helpful to you…inc the 3 free downloads

Download on this link – NO charge now!!

One more thing I would say here – it’s QUITE possible that “things have changed” – just a bit since writing these ebooks!!

Please bear that in mind and because this may well be the case the price is now dropped!

Bye for now

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