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Setting a Watermark in Photoshop 7

How to set one kind of watermark in an image using Photoshop 7

Photoshop – whichever version – is just ONE type of image editing software. It is an industry standard used by graphic designers and many people in the design world. It IS an excellent piece of software and actually the one that got me interested in how to use a computer! It was part of a course I took way back when I would only just switch on a computer!

There are many software packages that can be used – some paid and some free and some even available to use online. There are a few listed on my help page here. I hope to be able to add more videos on one or two as time goes by. If you have a question relating to software – get in touch and I’ll see if I can help you out – pleased to help.

Ok – back to Photoshop 7

Some may say that PSP 7 is old and past it – well so it may be! I have not used it at all times and as such never saw the need to change it! However many of you may have a copy of Photoshop Elements that is a lite (or light) version of the larger Photoshop package. It works just as well.

I do have Photoshop Elements 5 that is hardly used and it is interesting to see how the software “desktop” has changed; it will take a bit of getting used to. It will make the same kind of water mark shown in the video below!

PLEASE note that the domain name referred to in the end of this video forwards to my web design website….

To see more about Photoshop and image editing, take a look at

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